Crappie Fishing Tips – Things You Must Know

Crappie Fishing Tips – Things You Must Know

Crappie fishing is a very popular sport in North Carolina. It’s not only a good source of food but also very relaxing. There are many kinds of crappie that are found in different areas. In North Carolina, they live in rivers and lakes and in the deep ocean waters.

Crappie fishing is quite easy if you know what to look for and how to go about catching them. They are easy to catch since they are more cautious than other fish. However, if you want to be successful with crappie fishing, you have to follow the basics of what type of fish you should look for. This will enable you to get one that is not easily caught by anglers.

Location: The location of the fish is what should be looked for. You can find crappie in the lake, streams and ponds. Since they live in large bodies of water, they move around from one place to another. You have to choose the right location to catch one. Having a big catch means having a big catch as well.

Good bait: Crappie don’t like to be chased. That’s why you should always use a lure that helps it relax. Some prefer trout or bass while others like to use minnows. If you want to catch bigger fish, you should use crankbaits and spearguns.

Change Position: While fishing, you should always move your position as per the time. Try to look out for a few minutes when you are at one place. Once you spot something moving around, go to another spot and wait for it to pass. Always try to look for changes in the water so that you can determine the exact location of the crappie.

Lure: You can use any kind of lure to catch crappie. They don’t usually bite the first time. It might take several tries for you to catch them. In this case, you can choose a type of bait that is easy to catch so that you can spend more time on this.

Baits that are easy to catch are worms and grubs. They will not bite you because they are slow. Other types of baits are spoons, live worms and live minnows. They are easy to eat as well. Choosing the right bait means that you can find crappie anywhere you choose.

Follow these tips and you will surely get the crappie that you want. When you find one, then you can cast your line near its location. If you want to see it swimming, then keep feeding it. Crappie love to have food so it won’t have any problem being fed.