How to Ice Fish

How to Ice Fish?

Ice fishing is the fun part of fishing; it is the one time when you don’t have to get the rod wet and, more importantly, the one time where you really get to see your catch. If you are ice fishing and want to learn some tips, here are a few of the secrets that work for me.

I once did ice fishing with my cousin, and we had this great day and he took me to Lake Powell, in Utah. It was a cold winter day and it was even colder when he dropped me off at the lake. It was an icy cold morning but after a while, I began to feel comfortable enough to go fishing.

When I went ice fishing, my cousin told me that it was important to bring sunglasses with me. He said that if you were to hit your eye with the sun on it, it would hurt like a bitch. And, more importantly, he said that the eyes are our window to the soul. If you’re having problems seeing what is out there, wear sunglasses. And, just as important as having a pair of sunglasses, they should be sunglasses that are water resistant.

Another tip would be to bring a head lamp on your boat with you to help you out with the light when you are fishing. The fish don’t have very good eyesight when they are under water, so a head lamp will help you out by shining on the bottom of the lake or river. This will help you see the bait you want and you will be able to find it faster. They also will help you see where the fish are at in the water so you can bring them to the fishing spot you want them.

I mentioned that it was important to bring sunglasses with you but there are other tips that also come into play. For example, try to bring some sunscreen. The sun can cause your skin to dry out if you are out under the sun too long. Also, you should bring a pet with you when you go ice fishing. I know it sounds funny but it really does work, so you might as well bring a net. Another tip would be to keep an extra pair of sunglasses with you. You never know when you may need to look in those shades.

Of course, there are many reasons why you may not be able to go ice fishing right now. My girlfriend may have something else planned for me. Besides that, I would say that when you do go ice fishing, it should be something that you enjoy. It will be a treat to catch fish that you have not seen for a long time.

Finally, remember to enjoy yourself and make sure that you do not take your weight on the line too seriously. Even though I have done ice fishing many times, sometimes I forget to take that little bit of fun into the fishing experience.