What Color Lures Do Bass Like?

What Color Lures Do Bass Like?

When it comes to fishing, lures are one of the most important items in the boat. They have the power to lure fish in and baitfish out. In this article, I’m going to discuss what color lures work best with the common species of bass found in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

Carp, Coho, and other large species are usually attracted to large baitfish. Carp are attracted to Dungeness Smelts and other large baitfish. Coho are usually attracted to spoons, poppers, jigs, or muskellunge. Trout and whitefish love tiny baits like minnows and grubs. When it comes to bass, they like bite size baits like crawlers, shiners, or leeches.

Common lures are more often than not a part of a baitcast. Common baits are eels, minnows, night crawlers, shiners, and crawfish. Certain baits and lures attract certain types of bass and aren’t suitable for others.

When it comes to bats, leeches, shrimp, and worms are popular among bass in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. These are baitcast and are used in different places, but do seem to work well with the common species of bass that live there.

Fish like shrimp, crawdads, minnows, and worms for certain reasons. They tend to look better on them and are usually less visible than larger baits, such as the carp and Coho.

Minnows are good baits for bass because they’re relatively small and easily seen. You can also get good looks out ofminnows from far away. Crawdads are also very popular baitcast lures because they’re very small and easy to see from a distance. This is one of the better bass baitcast lures because it’s tough to get in their mouths.

Trout tend to be easier to find baitcast for, but they are much harder to find the smaller minnows, crawdads, or shiners for bass. The smaller minnows are easier to look for and can be caught while the bass are feeding. These are normally baits that are also used for worms and crawfish.

This is only a brief explanation of what color lures do bass like. There are a few other species of bass that have different lures to use. By understanding what colors or patterns work best with what type of bass you’re fishing, you’ll have a better chance of catching them.